Meet Jay

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Jay Simpson is the Director of First Swing Golf and a Teaching Professional at Windaroo Lakes Golf Club and Bulimba Golf Club.


Jay is recognised as one of the leading instructors in Queensland by the Australian PGA, being nominated for Game Development Professional of the Year in 2015, 16, 18 & 19. Jay is a certified Australian PGA Professional, advanced in game development and coaching and is a National All Abilities coach delivering programs to people of all ages and abilities.


Jay’s passion is to build the next generation of golfers, a passion so strong he created a business solely concentrating on getting kids to play. The business is First Swing.


First Swing engages participants through programs designed to kick start a life long love of the game of golf, using a fun, active and inclusive approach. First Swing deliver programs at traditional and non-traditional facilities using modified equipment. The programs teach male & females of all ages & abilities the basic fundamentals.


Jay also enjoys and has had great success with a number of high performance players, golf club members and elite juniors, Jay loves to work with each student on their complete game – swing, practice, mental and physical. He will work with you to design a plan to improve your game.

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Certified Australian PGA Professional

Advanced in Game Development & Coaching

National All Abilities Coach

2015, 16 & 18 Teaching Professional of the Year Nominee

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Callaway Ambassador

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